More than 30 years of experience

We are a multidisciplinary company specialised in providing integral solutions in the construction sector, adapted to the specific and individual needs of each of our clients.


Project development

Desde el análisis de información y necesidades, incluyendo la concepción básica y la estimación inicial de costes y plazos; hasta la redacción definitiva del proyecto y su presupuesto final.

Project execution

We plan and carry out the integral execution of new construction, remodelling of spaces, as well as the rehabilitation of buildings with high cultural value.


Whether corrective, preventive or predictive.
We are a multidisciplinary company specialised in providing comprehensive solutions in the construction sector, adapted to the specific and individual needs of each of our clients.

We offer turnkey services ranging from concept, design, project, construction, refurbishment and rehabilitation, to the maintenance of our own or existing projects.

We have proven expertise and experience in: corporate, financial, health and care, commercial, industrial, residential and hotel spaces.

We have a consolidated business structure and a reference in the sector, with more than 3,000 projects developed in 30 years of experience. We also have our own electrical and air conditioning installation companies for the execution of contracted works and support/advice during the project phase.

We work nationally and internationally, maintaining the highest standards of quality and excellence.

Our team

Juan Francisco Alcántara

Juan Francisco Alcántara


Eva Lorenzo Benito

Eva Lorenzo Benito


Celia Vega Gumiel

Celia Vega Gumiel

HR Director

Alicia Morant López

Alicia Morant López


Claudio Amnuel Bernárdez

Claudio Amnuel Bernárdez

Business Development Director


  • Aportar soluciones integrales para adecuar todo tipo de espacios a cualquier necesidad de nuestros clientes.
  • Operar a nivel nacional e internacional siempre con los más altos estándares de calidad, excelencia e innovación.
  • Aportar a cada espacio nuestra experiencia y conocimientos para que el cliente obtenga un resultado único y personal.
  • Trabajar mano a mano con nuestros clientes ayudándoles a conseguir sus objetivos en cada proyecto.


  • To become a national and international benchmark in the development of flexible spaces adapted to the new needs of our clients. Applying together with them the new technological, social and cultural developments, as well as the new organisational and management trends.
    To provide our clients and partners with the greatest added value in order to satisfy all their needs, through our commitment, maximum closeness and trust in their long-term relationship with us.
Timeline & Milestones
Ingeniería y Conservación, S.L. is born.
Relocation of office to San Sebastián de los Reyes
Obtaining ISO 9001

Obtaining ISO 14001

Relocation of office to San Sebastián de los Reyes
Transformation into a public limited company

Creation of the acronym IYCSA

First project Canary Islands
Opening of the Canary Islands Delegation

1st INTERNATIONAL project in Equatorial Guinea

Opening of the Poland Delegation
Opening of Andalusia Delegation

Obtaining OHSAS 18001

2017 | 25th Anniversary
Change of Headquarters to Calle Fuerteventura, 17 in San Sebastián de los Reyes.
Company incorporation in Czech Republic and Portugal

First project in Czech Republic.


IYCSA Group is born




In numbers

Years of experience in the construction sector

More than 3000 successful projects

Board of Directors

  • Women 60% 60%
  • Men 40% 40%

Team at international level

  • Women 54,84% 54,84%
  • Men 45,16% 45,16%

Company belonging to:

Futura Instalaciones
iycsa group consultoría de gestión
iycsa construcoes